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    Path of Excellence 2020/2021 AY

    Some of our degree programs offer the opportunity to selected students to enrol in Path of Excellence, as approved by the Academic Senate (No. 224/2013 of 14.11.2013).


    The Path of Excellence is a program integrated with the regular study programme, addressed to students willing to deepen their knowledge and capabilities through extra-curricular activities in selected topics. Completion of the Path of Excellence will be recorded on the student's career and awarded with a prize, the amount of which is decided on a yearly basis.


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    List of Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses ordered by Department

    Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics
    Degree Level Class Duration
    Business Administration, Economics and Finance II LM77 2
    Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
    Degree Level Class Duration
    Computer and Systems Engineering II LM32 2
    Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences
    Degree Level Class Duration
    Physics I L30 3
    Physics II LM17 2
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